Daniel J. Rea

Ph.D. Student


University of Manitoba


Create NPC movements by painting in minutes.

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When business is war, what's the cost to your bottom line? Busniess/RTS for PC.
In development.

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Step in and explore your code repositories.

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A mouse at your fingertips.

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Roomba Mood Ring

An ambient display robot that changes with the crowd.

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Modeling Subgoals

Predict pedestrian motion with big data and subgoal prediction.

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Faking Network Services with DNAT

Fool malware into revealing their true nature.

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I am a Ph.D. student (Computer Science) at the University of Manitoba with a strong interest in game design, literature, music, and the universe in general. I speak and read Japanese fluently, swing dance, and love to read. My M.Sc. and Undergraduate degrees were in Computer Science, also at the University of Manitoba. I've worked in Japan for almost 2 years, and I'm trying my hand at making games in my spare time.

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